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Private Sales

Private Sales

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Compatible with Magento Community 1.6., 1.6.1., 1.6.2., 1.7, 1.8, 1.8.1, 1.9.

Set up individual landing pages with unique products for every customer. More


Why do you require this extension:

There are a number of ways, technologies and approach to increase sales, conversions, to attract new customers and followers, to build loyalty and trust between the "host" and his "guests".

This plugin is another contribution to this "battle for customers". So what does it do?

It generates a landing page with the unique set of products that admin can add to any chosen customer (or even a customer group) individually. The customers can get to that landing page after logging in or access it anytime by using a direct link available in their account dashboard.

Once the customers have accessed that page they will be able to add products to cart and order them as usual with no restrictions.

How it works:

- The extension provides a number of flexible and convenient settings that will make the entire process very quick and intuitive.

- The first global setting is to define the title and description of all landing pages (System -> Configuration -> Member's Area).

- In order to allow customers to see the landing pages after login, go to Manage Customers section and select any customer; in the account information section please select the customer group named "Private", and this way the customer will be added to your favorites that can see his landing page.

- Then it's time to define featured individual products for different customers. For that it is necessary to go to the "Private Sales" section in magento admin and there you will see the list of all customers. Once you select any customer from that page, you will be able to choose and assign any products from your inventory to his landing page.

- Also on the same page you will find an option to enable and disable the displaying of the individual products on the customer's landing page. This option must be used in cases when you would like to define whether to provide the individual products for somebody (enabled) or to put the default set of products to the landing pages of those customers that have this option disabled.

- At last, in order to define the default set of products that will be displayed on the landing pages, it's just necessary to go to the Manage Products section and select the necessary products. On the Product Information page -> General tab, there will be "Private Sales" option that needs to be marked as "yes".

- Done, your landing page is fully set up and ready to go! Complete landing page includes the title, description, and individual or default set of products.

Extension features include:

  • Create personalized landing pages with the unique products assigned to every single customer
  • Create individual or default lists of featured products that will appear on the landing pages
  • Add custom title and description to the landing pages
  • Easy localization with the language file
  • Takes just two minutes to install the script
  • 100% open source e-commerce plugin
  • Meets best Magento development practices
  • 6-month free updates



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Compatible with Magento Community 1.6., 1.6.1., 1.6.2., 1.7, 1.8, 1.8.1, 1.9.