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Buyback Service

Buyback Service

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Compatible with Magento Community 1.6., 1.6.1., 1.6.2., 1.7, 1.8, 1.8.1, 1.9.

Deploy a gadget/ device buyback service. More


Why do you require this extension:

Nowadays more and more people are eager to sell their old gadgets. Some want to sell their cell phones and laptops, others aren’t satisfied with Kindles and cameras. And this is right as there is no point to keep your old things. The only thing you need is a company involved in electronics trade in business. So cell phone, laptop, textbook buyback and even dvd and cd sellback are quite on demand. Electronics trade-in is boosting.

Device buyback service powered by scripts similar to ours can help to start buyback programs: purchase games, cd’s, dvd’s, watches, Kindles, audios, digital cameras, MP3 players, in fact lots of products, not just electronics. The buyback service allows to perform any manipulations with old gadgets on both sides (the seller and the buyer). The buyer wants to trade in cell phones and textbooks, buyback laptops and DVDs.

More and more e-commerce businesses buy used cell phones and similar items.,, make fortunes with this business model.

How it works:

Our Magento add-on enables your customers select a product/ product model from the list you agree to buyback/ trade-in.

Then the customer is offered a fixed price for his product/ electronics trade-in item – pre-defined/ easily changed by the administrator.

If the price sounds ok for your shopper he enters his personal information (such as the full name and shipping address) and selects a payment option (PayPal or Check).

Next step – the customer ships the item to the store. Once received the store staff reviews the gadget and if received as described submits the payment for the product. Otherwise the item is shipped back to the customer.

All trade-in/ buyback process steps are managed by the administrator using our Magento script in the admin interface as well as customer admin interface. The admin manually changes the statuses of each particular deal – shipped, received, reviewed, paid, returned. Trade-in items as well as buyback flow (frontend/ backend) do not interfere with your Magento store operation and its inventory if you run one.

Magento buyback store samples to check with the script installed and configured:

Extension features include:

  • Allows registered users select the type/ model of the device they want to trade-in – easily managed by the admin
  • Allows registered users view the fixed price you pay for their gadgets – easily managed by the admin
  • Allows registered users place new shipments and monitor trade-in flow in their Magento account
  • Possibility to create / edit / delete orders in admin
  • Possibility to import / export products
  • Fractional numbers allowed
  • Admin functionality allows to manage the process through all buyback stages like (the customer sees these statuses in his account & get e-mail notifications about their change):

    - Waiting for reception – the member has submitted the shipment, but the trade-in item has not yet arrived
    - Received – the device that has been received at the facility, but has not been reviewed
    - Under review – the device that is currently in the process of being checked by your staff
    - Reviewed – the gadget that has been successfully checked and approved for purchase
    - Paid – the gadget with the payment submitted to the customer
    - Needs to be returned – the product that needs to be shipped back to the customer
    - Shipped to Customer – the device that has been shipped back to the customer

  • Easy localization with the language file
  • 100% open source e-commerce script
  • Meets Magento development best practices
  • 6-month free plugin updates



Demo store - something how your buyback store might look & work just within a couple of hours (deploy our solution and populate the categories/ products you would like to buy): You are welcome to place test orders to get the feel of your future customer's experience.

Would like to play with the platform yourself adding/ configuring buyback products? Changing the buyback orders statuses and checking updates flow in your customer's accounts? Then follow the below links:

Username: admin_demo
Password: demo123


Compatible with Magento Community 1.6., 1.6.1., 1.6.2., 1.7, 1.8, 1.8.1, 1.9.



Customer Reviews 8 item(s)

High level of quality and support
At first I had a lot of questions before installation. I got all them answered immediately, and this is a big plus for every customer. After installation the extension work fine and has no bugs. Thanks!
Review by Matt8 / (Posted on 4/6/2016)
exellent support and product
Great product! It was excellent without modifications and there was no problem installing it onto a magento
I've got a lot of questions ar first and I got answers from ikantam team immediately. Thanks for this extension and support.
Review by Terry R. / (Posted on 2/26/2016)
Great support
Great communication and support and the product of course. I had a lot of questions before buying and installation and the team helped me to solve them all, thanks!
Review by Ken1 / (Posted on 1/25/2016)
Awesome tool
This tool is awesome for my website! The process of buying and selling became much easier. Thanks for such a product.
Review by Jayden / (Posted on 12/14/2015)
Great service
On the whole I am pleased with this service. Had some issues at first but thanks to great support of the company they all were solved. The tool is very useful and works great.
Review by Robin Brook / (Posted on 11/3/2015)
Good service
The extension is really good! All features work as described. The team provided great support and communication. Thanks a lot.
Review by Melanie Brook / (Posted on 9/16/2015)
Good tool
Buyback works great. That's exactly what I needed. Thanks for support and great communication.
Review by James Dorman / (Posted on 7/7/2015)
Excellent communication, advise and patience.
Excellent communication, advise and patience. Answered numerous questions and the quality of the work done for me as beyond my best hopes. Cannot recommend highly enough. Also completed my modifications in 2 days which was a lot quicker than I hoped. Thanks
Review by lflanagan / (Posted on 3/11/2015)