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Daily Deals

Daily Deals

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Compatible with Magento Community 1.6., 1.6.1., 1.6.2., 1.7, 1.8, 1.8.1, 1.9.

Encourage people to order more by providing special 24 hour discounts. More


Why do you require this extension:

Nowadays it becomes harder and harder to attract customer's attention to your website or product. New marketing technologies are getting improved constantly and the competition dictates its own rules that not everyone can withstand and overcome.

Conducting a marketing campaign is always a pricy solution that not everyone can afford. Then the businesses start searching different ways to engage people and increase conversions.

One of the most profitable and popular solutions is providing discounts and limited time deals; and we have improved that approach by mixing both those features and selecting random products to be discounted on daily basis (it is especially useful for those keeping thousands of items in the inventory, no need to select all discount-eligible products manually anymore, the module will do it randomly for you).

How it works:

- In the admin panel you will find two simple settings which are extension Enabling and Discount percentage selection.

- The related script is launched once per 24 hours by cron (schedule automating tool) and here is what happens next:

a) It selects any random product among those ones that have "24h deal" attribute enabled;
b) It calculates new cost by deducting the percentage that is adjusted in the module settings (System -> Configuration -> 24h Deal -> Discount percent). Also if the Special price is not specified for the given product, then the 24h deal percentage will be deducted from original Price;
c) The newly calculated 24h deal price is set for the given product as a new value of the Special price. Also the product gets the deal start date and time (Special Price From Date) which is equal to the exact time when the 24h deal script is launched + the product gets the deal end date and time (Special Price To Date) which adds 24 hours to the time when the 24h deal script was launched;
d) Afer that the product is displayed on the site with the specified discount;
e) When the script launched next time again (what happens each 24 hours), then all the prices and dates will be reset to the original values that existed before 24h deal campaign; new products get selected for the new 24 hour sprint.

Extension features include:

  • The discount campaign lasts for 24 hours
  • Only ONE product can be randomly selected; it will be displayed in the sidebar, so no one will miss it
  • Possibility to apply any desirable discound percentage that will come into force once new campaign starts
  • Easy localization with the language file
  • Takes just two minutes to install the script
  • 100% open source e-commerce plugin
  • Meets best Magento development practices
  • 6-month free updates



Compatible with Magento Community 1.6., 1.6.1., 1.6.2., 1.7, 1.8, 1.8.1, 1.9.