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How to Create E-mail Templates in Magento

To create a custom e-mai template in Magento, you need to specify it in the config.xml file of the module.  Example: Place this code between the tags




                                                           <ikantam_custom_email module="ikantam">

                                                           <label>Ikantam email</label>



                                                           </ ikantam_custom_email >




The next step is to create php code to send e-mails. Example:

$emailTemplate = Mage::getModel('core/email_template')

               ->loadDefault('ikantam_custom_email');// uploading template

$emailTemplateVariables = array(); //passed to the template variables array

$emailTemplateVariables['index'] =''value''; //creating variable


            $processedTemplate = $emailTemplate-getProcessedTemplate($emailTemplateVariables);

        // parcing

$emailTemplate->setSenderName('Name from sent email');// sender name

$emailTemplate->setSenderEmail('email address');// sender email address

$emailTemplate->setTemplateSubject('description');//title text

$emailTemplate->send(''email address'',''description'', $emailTemplateVariables);// recipient email address, could be name of the recipient or any other information, variables array.


And finally you need to create an html template of the e-mail with the name (for the example that we use): ikantam_email.html and place it into locale -> choose language group (en_US) -> template -> email. As far as you've indicated html, the template could be created using available html tags. In order to receive and display the variables use this code:


{{ var name variable }}

 in the described example it is: index. Example:




                   Your information {{var index }}.