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B2B Equipment Parts Store
Magento B2B Cases Magento B2B Goods

iKantam have developed a custom designed B2B industrial parts Magento powered store. Features include: Multi language Multiple price tiers (assigned to customer groups) Customized search and navigation Customized on-page SEO   Platform:...

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Fresh Meat Ordering Service
Magento Grocery Cases

iKantam have developed a custom designed meat delivery store. Custom features include: Delivery date schedule extension Custom photo gallery Voucher codes can be redeemed Testimonial rotator Social media integration Territories served extension...

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Magento Powered Electronics Repair Service
iPhone Magento Consumer Goods repair

iKantam have developed repairlogicboard.com – iPhone/ iPad repair service powered by Magento Enterprise. The entire repair functionality is implemented as a custom extension. The solution is a good fit for PC/ iPhone/ iPad / phone parts and...

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Private Sales Multi-Vendor Store
Magento Beauty Cases

iKantam have developed a private sales multi-vendor store (Magento Community 1.6 based) - salongateway.com Comes with three user roles:   admin beauty salon owner customer   The custom features are mostly designed for the salon owner....

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Water Products E-commerce Store
Magento Consumer Goods

iKantam have developed a Magento EC powered water products store for a UK customer – purenatureuk.com Magento version: Screenshots:

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Hair Products E-commerce Store
Magento Beauty Cases

iKantam have developed a Magento CE powered hair care products store – characthair.de. Magento version: Screenshots:

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Magento Flash/ Private Sales E-commerce Store
Magento Apparel Cases Magento Flash/ Private Sales

iKantam have developed todster.se – a flash (private) sales e-commerce website. The project is based on highly customized Magento CE and covers all essential flash sales store functionality:   Front page member moderated registration to view...

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Magento Subscription Site with IM Powered by Jabber
Magento B2B Cases Magento Subscription Cases

ValueChat.com – a highly customized web service that offers Live Chat services to online business owners. The project comes in two distinct parts: -         Magento powered e-commerce -   ...

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Bracelets E-commerce Store with a Social Mission
Magento Consumer Goods Magento Gift Stores

iKantam have developed a custom designed bracelet/ gift store PuravidaBracelets. The store helps to create full time jobs in Costa Rica for local artisans as well as donates a portion of the earnings to Surfrider Foundation. The store is heavily...

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Food Cooking and Delivery E-store: OneFineMeal
E-commerce final goods food Magento Magento Consumer Goods Magento Health Foods

iKantam team has developed a website allowing users to order splendid meals and get them delivered at any times within the limited delivery areas.   The model is: accepting daily online orders within some definite time range ->...

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