Precious Metals Marketplace in Magento

iKantam has developed a website that enables customers to buy/ sell precious metals, bullions and rare coins online - Oxbridge House. The website is built on Magento e-commerce platform and equipped with a number of custom features to meet industry requirements.
It is a secure money back website, with custom payment gateway system to authorize transaction by charging Credit Card deposit whatever payment method is selected. It will make the owner sure about covering losses in case of customer refusal to pay.
The main difference from a conventional e-commerce site is:
  • Custom pricing system allowing to add extra cost for different quantity sets of products as well as for different payment methods. The prices in a customer shopping cart reset every 10 minutes with a verification box popping up explaining the change in price to the customer, since product prices are based on live feed supplies;
  • After the precious metals Spot prices per troy Oz. (gold, silver, and platinum) are retrieved from the live feeds, Group and tier pricing module calculates the live volume prices on the base of a specific formula;
  • There are different prices for those paying with cash/ check/ wire, than those paying with credit cards;
  • Orders can be placed during the specific trading hours. If someone tries to place an order online outside of trading hours, the shopping cart is turned off;
  • In-store pickup option is also available with a possibility to check this location on google maps;
  • FAQ section allows to get familiar with the website in no time;
  • Ajax cart allows to update the shopping cart without page reloads;
  • Mini cart pop-up allows to check the order summary at any moment;
  • custom website design, logo, etc.
  • and much more...
Platform: Magento Community version


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WOW! I'm very impressed with how easily the custom delivery price works. Great job. Thanks for all your help, we love working with you guys.


Great provider, glad i found them.