Magento Powered Electronics Repair Service

iKantam have developed – iPhone/ iPad repair service powered by Magento Enterprise. The entire repair functionality is implemented as a custom extension.

The solution is a good fit for PC/ iPhone/ iPad / phone parts and electronics repairs and dealers. Also can be adjusted to fit electronics buyback services similar to,, powered by Magento e-commerce platform.

The repair shop operates in this way:

Logic boards are shipped by the customer to the repair service facility where they fix the boards, charge the customer, and then once they are paid they ship the logic boards back.

Front end of Magento powered repair service: once the client has created an account and logged in they will be able to type in their products model number and the site will tell them whether or not the board will be able to be fixed.

The customer can then make their own packing list on the site by adding board on a list. They can submit the shipment, which will print a PDF of the packing list.

It will also send the confirmation that the client has submitted the shipment.

The client can then view the status of shipments or individual boards view and pay their invoice, once the repair service has successfully repaired the board customers can view delivery status of the board, to and from our facility.

The backend of Magento powered repair service:

The backend is divided into 6 tabs (one for each phase of the repair):

1. Waiting for reception - this is a board that the client has submitted in a shipment, but has not yet been received at the facility

2. Received - this is a board that has been received at the facility, but has not been repaired

3. Under repair - this is a board that is currently in the process of being repaired

4. Repaired - this is a board that has been successfully repaired

5. Sent to Customer - this is a board (either repaired or not repairable) that has been sent to the customer

6. Needs to be sent - this is a board (either repaired, or not repairable) that need to be sent to the customer

Platform: Magento Enterprise


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WOW! I'm very impressed with how easily the custom delivery price works. Great job. Thanks for all your help, we love working with you guys.


Great provider, glad i found them.