Magento Extension: Custom Jewelry Configurator

iKantam have developed a custom Magento diamond/ ring module for Best Brilliant website.

The modified module is available as a custom Magento jewelry extension from our store.

The Magento extension replaces the default navigation and search functionality of the website. The configurator allows users to search (filter) products by a number of attributes:

  • diamonds  - by shape, carat, color, price, cut, clarity
  • rings - by metal, size or stone 

In addition the module allows customers to combine diamonds and rings into one single item (bundle product) and order it via Magento shopping cart. The plugin is synched with Magento checkout process and allows buying products as separate units (simple products) or as a bundle product (a diamond and a ring combination).

The extension can be re-used for similar jewelry websites as it is developed in accordance with best Magento development practices and does not affect the platform core files. The extension is a stand alone solution that includes a custom product page both for diamonds and rings, filtering interface that supports different view types, such as list, grid and comparison.

Easy-to-use ajax-driven interface for filtering that allows setting required parameters by simply moving the slider makes the process more user friendly and fast (search results are returned without page reload).  

Magento version: Community Edition



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WOW! I'm very impressed with how easily the custom delivery price works. Great job. Thanks for all your help, we love working with you guys.


Great provider, glad i found them.