Food Cooking and Delivery E-store: OneFineMeal

iKantam team has developed a website allowing users to order splendid meals and get them delivered at any times within the limited delivery areas.
The model is: accepting daily online orders within some definite time range -> professional chefs cook, chill and dispatch fresh handmade food to all addresses according to the booked delivery times; the menu is updated on the daily basis providing variety of choice, and also enabling customers to pre-order to the later dates. 
The service is operating in London and keen to get improved further covering more and more areas, as currently they are operating locally in their city only due to some restrictions.
Being online-based makes the store activities 90% automated: it helps to save time, to maintain statistics, to get orders and payments quickly spending minimum efforts accompanying customers offline, as most of the important information is provided on the web pages; it helps to dedicate their time only to their primary job which is cooking and delivering.
Below is the summary of how we contributed to that business:
  • Each simple product has got a meal info section where the admin can specify the chef related info and image and also can select meal type (main, dessert, etc); the meal types are managed via product attributes;
  • With the "Menu Of Dishes" option, it is possible to create and manage different menus for various dates for one or more days/ weeks/ months ahead (selected via calendar); inside of each menu it is possible to specify its title, its date of appearance, and select its related products. On the front-end it will be possible to make orders/ pre-orders both from the menu catalog and from individual product pages where the customers are also allowed to select the meal delivery dates; if one meal is assigned to multiple menus, it is also possible to purchase it from the same product page just swithing the dates in the dropdown menu; it will be impossible to add to cart and to complete checkout with the outdated meals;
  • The next option allows to set an individual product as new from->to some dates; this means that the product will appear and disappear from the catalog at the specified dates;
  • Delivery Distance Checker contributes to reducing the shipping distances based on the main office location; users will see a special field on the front-end that will validate their addresses by zip code; and only users with appropriate addresses the will be able to place an order;
  • With the Order delivery date extension, the store admin is also able to select any allowed delivery times/ days and to disable the delivery on the weekend; he can also set the last today's order time, and enable an option to enter order delivery instructions at the checkout;
  • Today's menu products can be ordered within the specific hours. If someone tries to place an order outside of trading hours, today's menu get disappeared, and only the future menus will be available for ordering;
  • Menu promo option: oder beforehand - get a discount; admin is able to set discount percentage and select the promo time ranges; once the daily offer time limit is exceeded, all prices in the catalog and shopping carts return to normal until the midnight;
  • Custom responsive UI template with a number of unique menu related pages; the menu landing page is fully dymanic: the banner, text on banner, all meal type sections and meal products within these sections are fully adjustable through the admin panel;
  • Mini cart pop-up allows to check the basket totals quick;
  • and many more...


Platform: Magento Community version

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WOW! I'm very impressed with how easily the custom delivery price works. Great job. Thanks for all your help, we love working with you guys.


Great provider, glad i found them.