Magento E-commerce Platform Q/ A

Custom Redirect from a Category Page in Magento

Let's assume your customer needs to redirect store users when they click on some category link to some particular product page. You can do it by creating a simple module. 

The structure of the etc/config.xml file:

How to Remove ‘Shipping Method’ Step from One Page Checkout in Magento

Some stores have only one shipping method and it is free so there’s no need to have this step at a checkout. The things you’ll need to do in order to hide this step: 1st set shipping methods settings to free shipping in admin area; 2nd you will need to overwrite block ‘onepage’ and create ‘onepage’ controller. Here’s the example:


How to overwrite 'onepage' block:

Add this code below into config.xml file (with this code we will overwrite standard magento block Mage_Checkout_Block_Onepage to Ikantam_Remove_Block_Onepage block):

Magento Customer Account: How to Add a Tab to the Dashboard?

Namespace - Ikantam

Module - KnowledgeBase



In order to add a new tab and link it to a certain page we need add these lines in the layout (in the example controller is: IndexContoller, and action is - indexAction()):

How to Create E-mail Templates in Magento

To create a custom e-mai template in Magento, you need to specify it in the config.xml file of the module.  Example: Place this code between the tags

Magento Product Ratings and Reviews

There is prebuilt product ratings and reviews functionality in Magento. By default all reviews and ratings should be approved by the store owner via Magento admin panel.

Store users can rate (review) products by clicking the link on the product page.



At the product page users see the form to leave a comment to the product and rate it by assigning it 1-5 star rating.




Magento Multi-Language


Magento is a flexible platform to create personalized e-commerce solutions (web shops). One of Magento important features is multiple languages support. Thanks to this feature the platform usage grows all over the world. In this article you will learn how to add language/s to your Magento shop.


Adding another language to the website

In order to add one more (or a couple) of language/s the first thing to do is to create Store View.