Magento E-commerce Platform Q/ A

How to Remove ‘Shipping Method’ Step from One Page Checkout in Magento

Some stores have only one shipping method and it is free so there’s no need to have this step at a checkout. The things you’ll need to do in order to hide this step: 1st set shipping methods settings to free shipping in admin area; 2nd you will need to overwrite block ‘onepage’ and create ‘onepage’ controller. Here’s the example:


How to overwrite 'onepage' block:

Add this code below into config.xml file (with this code we will overwrite standard magento block Mage_Checkout_Block_Onepage to Ikantam_Remove_Block_Onepage block):

How to Add a Discount to the Total in Magento?

Quite frequently there is a requirement by the shop owners to add a discount to the checkout totals. You should add a custom total to existing (default) totals collection. The first step is to add this code to the config.xml file: