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Magento: Custom Input Types in Custom Options

Magento by default supports about 10 input types for the product custom options. In order to create a custom one first of all it is necessary to add a possibility in Magento admin area to indicate this custom attribute:

File 'config.xml'

How to Add Custom Attributes to Custom Options in Magento

Let us add 'details' custom attribute to Custom Options for select types.

Select options are stored in the tables:

  • catalog_product_option_type_value,
  • catalog_product_option_type_title,
  • catalog_product_option_type_price.

We've added 'details' field into catalog_product_option_type_value table

The installation file comes with:

Properties of 'backend_model' Attribute in Magento

When creating software attribute there is possibility to indicate its model. This model would be used when saving or uploading the attribute. With the help of the indicated model it would be possible to manage the data format and the content.

The model could be specified when creating the configuration field in the admin area (system.xml).

Magento Multi-Language


Magento is a flexible platform to create personalized e-commerce solutions (web shops). One of Magento important features is multiple languages support. Thanks to this feature the platform usage grows all over the world. In this article you will learn how to add language/s to your Magento shop.


Adding another language to the website

In order to add one more (or a couple) of language/s the first thing to do is to create Store View.